Road Open - December 11, 2018

D Hwy near Sonic in Lawson is now OPEN. [more...]

Road Closed - December 11, 2018

D Hwy Closed Near Sonic in Lawson - use alternative route [more...]


Lawson, Missouri - Content added from Homecoming 2018

We are excited to announce that the city, in conjunction with CVP Productions, has completed our promotional video showcasing our wonderful town.  This is a project that began back in April and many of you may have seen the development of this video via the filming crew from CVP who was here several times over a three month period.  We are extremely thrilled and proud of this video and we will be using this to spread the word on why Lawson is and would be a great place for families to live, raise their children, and bring new commercial opportunities to call Lawson home. 

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